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Top 5 Tips for Managing People

Managing people effectively is a key skill for reaching your salon goals & creating a positive work environment.

  1. Communication

    Clear & open communication is key. Keep your salon team informed about your business goals & what you expect from them. Encourage two-way communication to ensure everyone feels heard & valued.

  2. Set Clear Expectations

    Clearly outline roles & responsibilities & set monthly targets for each team member. Follow up on those targets at the end of every month. This helps to avoid confusion & ensures everyone knows what is expected of them.

  3. Provide Feedback

    Give constructive feedback to each team member on a regular basis. Catch people doings tasks well, along with highlighting areas for improvement. Recognition for good work boosts morale, while constructive criticism helps employees improve.

  4. Delegate Responsibility

    Delegation is all about supporting team members in their growth. Coach your team members with new tasks & empower them to make decisions. Delegating responsibility helps staff development & creates a diverse skills-set within the salon team.

  5. Lead by Example

    Demonstrate the behaviour & work ethic you expect from your team. As a manager of people, you have the power to set the tone for the standards & culture in your salon.