The Perfect Phone Call

The Perfect Phone Call

Presenting a professional image, both in the salon and on the telephone, is a key element of exceptional service.

The starting point is making every client, every time they call, feel welcome and valued over the telephone.

Answer after three rings
If the call is not answered promptly the client can become frustrated and choose to call a different salon. Clients are often time-poor and expect their call to be answered quickly.

Stand up and smile
Your voice will have a warm, cheerful tone that sounds sincere and welcoming if you smile and stand upright.

Make sure your greeting is professional

For example: “Good morning, Best Hair Salon, Jo speaking. How can I help you?”

Speak slowly and clearly
The pace of speech at the beginning of the call should be slow enough for the client to be able to hear the receptionist’s name.

If the opening greeting and the conversation is rushed, it gives a negative impression to the client and can often make them think that the receptionist has something more important to do than speak to them – rushing the call is one of the biggest complaints made by clients.

Listen carefully
It is important to listen carefully to everything the client says. When recording client names and numbers, ensure all the details are accurate. Make a habit of repeating all the appointment details back to the client.

Be patient and helpful
Clients appreciate a helpful and accommodating approach with relevant or new information being offered to them.

On hold
If you have to put the client on hold, always ask for the client’s permission and then wait for their answer – they may not wish to be on hold. Never leave anyone on hold for more than a few seconds; they can become irritated or even hang up.

Offer useful information
For new clients, check the client knows exactly where the salon is. Offer information on local landmarks, stations, bus routes, and car parks.

Closing the call
Close the call in a professional manner by thanking the client for calling and say you look forward to seeing them.

Always give the caller 100% of your attention. Avoid being distracted by what’s happening around you in the salon.

Clients have increasingly come to expect good interpersonal and communication skills from all their dealings with salon staff. A well-handled telephone call will give a great impression and add to the overall level of customer service experienced by the client.