Are your stylists afraid of selling products

Are Your Therapists Afraid Of Selling?

In many salons there are often one or two team members who are very effective at selling retail products whilst others in the team will often avoid selling products at all costs.

So how do you create a salon environment where it becomes the norm for all team members to consistently promote & recommend retail products & consistently meet the salon sales targets?

One of the best starting points is to find out why various team members do not actively sell your salon products. Encouraging your team to discuss their concerns, objections & difficulties will be an excellent opportunity for you to find out exactly where the problem lies & for them to feel that their concerns are being listened to & understood.

Facing their fear or removing the fear factor for your staff is often the most effective way to achieving your retailing objectives.

Focus the team on the buying cycle of the client.

When a client is in your salon, they are already in a buying mode, they know they are going to treat themselves to a treatment & the client is expecting to receive valuable advice as to how to maintain their skin at home.

Asking the client open-ended questions about the problems they experience when looking after their skin or nails between salon appointments will give clues as to the products they will potentially need.

Encouraging your therapists to ask questions:

  • During the consultation
  • Before the treatment
  • During the treatment
  • After the treatment
  • In reception

Identifying client’s problems naturally leads on to offering solutions to those problems.

The solution comes in the form of a carefully selected retail product such as hydrating moisturiser for dry skin.

At the end of the client’s appointment, therapists should check with the client if the issues regarding their skin have been addressed. This is an excellent way to tie up any loose ends & ensure that the client leaves with the products she needs to maintain the look & feel of her skin created in the salon & to make her home skin care regime more effective.