The Pick ‘n’ Mix of Hair Salon Retailing

The Pick ‘n’ Mix of Retail

The retail side of a salon thrives on the introduction of new products on a regular basis.

We love something new & by adding new products or ranges you create new interest for both clients & stylists/therapists

Developing the right range & combination of products is an art in itself & goes a long way to differentiating you from your competitors.

Identify a Product Range that reflects your business

  1. Does the product reflect your level of professionalism, your versatility, your sustainability, your salon image?
  2. Does the range do what it says it will do – will your stylists/therapists be comfortable recommended it to your clients with 100% confidence?

Select Products that match your client’s profiles

  • If your clients are professional women with high incomes then brand image & luxury packaging will be important to them. They may also be looking for a full range of products to select from.
  • If your clients are the young fashionable set then they will be attracted to a trendy range geared towards style.
  • If your clients are on a budget you may like to combine product ranges at both ends of the price spectrum.
  • Also consider, if you clients are predominantly women they will also look for products to purchase for the man in their life & vice versa.

Look out for specialist products

Specialist products that target particular groups of clients are useful additions to your range if you are trying to attract these clients into your salon.

Team Selection

Wherever possible get the team involved in the choice of product range, if they are involved at this stage & feel they have had an input, they will have a higher level of commitment to actually selling the products.

Training & Support

Ensure the team is fully versed in the use of the products & the benefits to the client of using the products at home between salon visits.

Adding new retail products to your range is an all-important aspect of retailing whether you are adding new products from the range you already stock or introducing a new range to complement the salon.

This approach gives new life, new interest & new profits to the retailing side of your business.