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Inspire Generation Z

We thought we’d cracked managing Millennials & along came Gen Z!  Managing Gen Z can pose unique challenges due to several factors.

To be effective, it’s essential for managers to understand their unique characteristics, communicate openly and transparently, provide opportunities for learning & development, and create a supportive & inclusive salon environment that fits with their values & expectations.

Impress your Clients

84%* of salon clients felt that the handling of their phone call could be significantly improved.

The top two most common complaints that clients have are;

  1. The receptionist speaking too fast when answering the phone.
  2. Being rushed off the phone at the end of call.

These things can easily happen especially when there either isn’t a receptionist or when the salon is busy. Every effort must be made to present the highest professional image on the phone because the client views this a key element of customer service.

Ignite your Customer Service

Wow factor customer service is essential in salons especially during the cost-of-living crisis & salon prices increase. Clients are happy to pay more if they feel the experience was memorable & made them feel really special. Customer service is powerful & directly impacts client satisfaction, loyalty, and the salon’s local reputation.

Typically, more clients return to salons because of the overall experience from start to finish, rather than the technical skills of the team.

By prioritising exceptional customer service, salons can create truly positive experiences for clients, differentiate themselves from competitors, and build long-lasting relationships that can help prevent clients following team members if they leave.

Identify Improvements

Improvements can always be made in any aspect of a salon business.

Here are some interesting questions to ask yourself ….

  • Are you reviewing your team members performance on a monthly basis?
  • Are you holding regular meaningful team meetings that result in Positive Actions?
  • Does a daily huddle or buzz meeting happen to get your team focused on what needs to be achieved that day?
  • Do you find yourself fire-fighting too often.
  • Are you working too much IN the business & not ON the business?

Is time your enemy or your friend?

Invest in your People

Investing in salon staff is not just about providing training & development opportunities; it’s about recognising your employees as the most valuable asset of your business & investing in their growth, well-being & success.

Checkout our inspiring zoom training courses ….

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*Data Source: ClientWave Ltd