The Art of Rebooking

The Art of Rebooking

The ability to effectively rebook clients is a real skill & one that is often over-looked or sometimes under-estimated.

High levels of consistent rebooking reap on-going rewards not only for the salon & the stylist /therapist but for the client too. Clients that rebook before they leave the salon make approximately 50% more visits in a year compared to clients who don’t.

Clearly, the revenue & earnings implications of this are really significant. It’s also a win:win for the client, they will always be looking their best & won’t have to struggle to secure an appointment at time that suits them. A pro-active rebook strategy allows you to grow the business through your existing client base whilst having greater control over the appointment book & future takings.

So here are our top tips for effective rebooking…..

Know your rebook rates

The rebook rate of each stylist/therapist & the rate for the salon overall are key performance indicators that should be targeted, reviewed & measured on a weekly, monthly & quarterly basis. Consistent performance management of each rebook rate will influence the rate & ensure it becomes a real focus of each team member

It’s all about teamwork

Encourage a salon culture where the entire team understands they have a role to play in the clients desire to rebook before she leaves the salon.

In addition, stylists/therapists should be aware that rebooking is not all down to the receptionist; what the stylist/therapist does & says throughout the appointment is an integral part of effective rebooking

The 3 distinct stages of a rebook

In the Consultation – ask the client when her hair /skin/nails stopped looking it’s best. She won’t say that it was the previous day! This conversation starts to sow the seed of a preferable time-scale for the next appointment

During the Service – suggest the ideal time-frame for when the service will need to be maintained. Then let the client know specifically when that will be & what your creative ideas are for their next visit

For example…

‘Your style will need to be maintained in 6 weeks time so that will be around 20th Oct. What I will do then is take the layers a bit shorter & refine the shape so we keep this really flattering look’

Reception – follow on from what the stylist’s has been advising

For example…

‘So your stylist said she would like to maintain your style sometime around 20th Oct, so would 2pm be good for you again on the 20th?’

The in-salon rebooking of clients is a courtesy to them & a real benefit to the salon.

In essence, it’s great business practice & having an appointment book that is predominantly pre-booked is a great way to guarantee the future success of the salon.