Top Tips for Wowing the Client on Arrival

Top Tips for Wowing the Client on Arrival

From the moment the client steps off the street & into the salon, she has high expectations of a truly great experience. Every step of the client journey, and no more so than those first few steps into reception, should engender a fantastic feel-good factor that is memorable & keeps the client coming back for more

Here are some top tips to ensure that every client is wowed every time they arrive at the salon….

Kerb Appeal

Take a critical look at the outside of the salon. Does it showcase your brand values & salon standards? Have a checklist to monitor the details such as fingerprints on the door, dust on window displays, current seasonal calls to action

Avoid the Crowd

Consider a zero-tolerance policy of more than one person behind the desk at any one time (unless two activities need to be performed)

It can be both intimating & confusing for a client when a sea of faces are gazing at them when they arrive for an appointment or to make an enquiry

Welcome the Client

Welcome new clients to the salon & greet regulars as if they were friends. Stand & smile as soon as clients walk in. Treat every client as if they were the most important person ever to come to the salon

Eliminate Old School

Asking the question ‘Have you got an appointment?’ is a pet hate of many clients.

The question is out-dated, unfriendly & irrelevant & implies that if you don’t have an appointment then we can’t help you. In many cases this is simply an old habit that should be avoided at all costs

Body Language

Positive body language goes a long way to making clients feel comfortable & at ease. Make good eye contact with everyone. Be upright & cheerful &, as soon as possible, come from behind the desk to engage personally with the client

Be a Host

This means being attentive & mindful of the feel-good factor of every client for the duration of the time they spend in reception. Offer drinks & magazines, keep them informed if they have to wait for their stylist & engage them in relevant conversation about their appointment

Consistency is Key

Offer every client the same high level of attention & consideration. There is nothing worse for a client’s feel-good factor than seeing another client being offered a magazine, Wi-Fi code or drinks menu & she wasn’t

…. and Remember what the brand promises the client!

Every member of the team needs to know, & be in-tune with what the brand promises the client. They need to be aware of the need to deliver on the brand at all times in order to give every client, at every visit, a wow factor arrival at reception